Heroes of Speed Tooele, Ut 09/12-14/08

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I ran out of time to do as I normally do with my photos: go over each one and do my best to get the "pick of the litter." So I grabbed some of the shots I liked the best, edited them and put 'em on the server. When I finish with the photography sessions on the salt flats and at Miller Motorsports Park, I hope to go back and complete this section. In the mean time, there are photos that I thought were representative of the weekend's racing. I'd like to add a special thank you to John Gardner, the media director at Miller's. He's helped me way beyond measure this year. The same holds true for everyone at that track. It's a great place to see, photograph or participate in races. Teams and drivers from all over the world have praised it as being one of the best tracks anywhere. I agree. Please help support this track if you get the chance.

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