Why we created this web site

Several instances of published material in the print media have included errors regarding the different generations of the Chevrolet Monte Carlo. These errors, while not noticeable to the average person, are obvious to true enthusiasts. This site is dedicated to "setting the record straight" and seeks to educate viewers as to the correct generational breakdown of the Chevrolet Monte Carlo. The pictures and information in the succeeding pages will give the viewer the ability to spot each generation -- and each year -- of the Chevrolet Monte Carlo.

One particular article (in the December 2000 issue of CHP) elicited many comments and strong reactions among those of us on the Monte Carlo Mailing List (www.monte-list.nu). Several attempts (via phone and Email) were made to reach the editor and writer of the article regarding the errors, but these correspondence attempts went unanswered.

Below are excerpts of several letters written to CHP.

Dear Jeff Smith and Jason R. Sakurai,

After reading several posts on the Monte-list (www.monte-list.nu) regarding your recent Monte Carlo Spotters Guide (December 2000 issue...but this is only November...), I considered writing you a note expressing my dismay; however, as a fellow journalist and knowing it is more "professional" to read the article and then reply, I purchased an issue and read the article. Unfortunately, the reviews on-list were correct. To me, the entire article has the attitude of "darn, I have to write a Monte Carlo article", as opposed to "Yes! I get to write an article on Monte Carlos!"; a rather "unprofessional" approach to writing.

I am not requesting a "rah rah" article (especially since views/likes/dislikes differ greatly between the various Monte Carlo generations); however, any magazine with the word "Chevy" in its name ought to be more "supportive" of what had been Chevrolet's #1 seller before its demise after 1988. Such "support", in my opinion, includes more space (the article is just barely 3 pages long) to more fully and accurately describe (and picture) the various changes in the years.

Below are 4 quotes from the article with my responses to illustrate my frustration with your lackluster article.

QUOTE #1 (p58, 1st column, 1st paragraph below 'from the beginning'): "Styling cues like the vertical taillights and the incredible six-foot long hood made it instantly recognizable."

While I agree and actually like this quote, I find it ironic that the author mentions that the Monte Carlo is "instantly recognizable" when he does not have all of the generations correct.

QUOTE #2 (p60, picture caption): "Here's an example of how the ungainly '76 Monte can be face-lifted with a set of Cragar S/S wheels and a lowered stance."

True, the 2nd gens are quite large, but UNGAINLY? Is this caption implying that the only way to make a 2nd gen look "ok" is to dress it up? By the way, the picture confuses the reader further: note the stand-up hood ornament emblem AND the grill emblem. 1976 MCs had the emblem on the grill; 1977 MCs had the stand-up hood ornament emblem.

QUOTE #3 (p62, picture caption): "The '81 Monte picked up the scoop-nose treatment that began to make the third-gen [FOURTH, NOT 3rd gen] Monte start to look decent. With a dechroming, big tires, and about a foot-lower stance, these cars could look good."

START to look decent? COULD look good? Dechroming? Is this caption suggesting that the factory chrome must be taken off to make this car look good? OR, is it suggesting that the '81 had less chrome than the 78-80s?

QUOTE #4 (p63, 1st paragraph below 'reprise', talking about the 95-99ers): "For the production car, interior space was greatly improved over previous models...making the Monte much more of a driver's car".

Are you serious? Are you implying that interior space is what makes a car a "driver's car"? To me, interior space (other than what you need to be able to drive comfortably) has *nothing* to do with making a car a "driver's car". A "driver's car" has the power, performance and the looks that make you WANT to drive.

I appreciate your time and attention.

Cort Stevens (Monte-List "Resident Young Stickler")
CD's Chevrolet Monte Carlo family:
G1(1970-72) b??/??...72...*WANTED
G2(1973-77) b12/98...76...SECND 76...Blacky [triple black]
G3(1978-80) b10/92...79...MCUBS 79...Green Machine [light green]
G4(1981-88) b12/99...81...CJCJS 81...Family Tan Man [tan]
GX(1995-99) b??/??...98...*4-door MC! (would-be daily driver)
G5(2000-0?) b10/99...00...CDS GNR 5...Green Hornet [dark green]
G6(200?-??) b??/??...0?...*V8 & RWD coming?!
RIP(b1976, d84)...76 buckskin tan..."my" car/1st 76
RIP(b1993, d97)...88 gray...silver bullet
RIP(almost b00)...72 red/tan...red baron

As of this writing (January, 2001) no response has been received from CHP, either via e-mail, in print or to telephone calls.