Generation 6: 2000-present

2001 Monte Carlo High Sport

2000 front view

2000 rear view

While this generation is still not a true MC (front-wheel drive), it at least looks more like a Monte Carlo, complete with body side lines and updated versions of the knights head/shield crest emblem and script writing.

2000: New generation emblem and nameplate, with body side lines
2001: Same as 2000, with new packages (including "High Sport") available


A glimpse of the "future"

MVC-458S.JPG (63624 bytes)
Front corner shot of "Intimidator" Concept Car

MVC-459S.JPG (60068 bytes)
Rear corner shot of "Intimidator" Concept Car

In early 1998, Chevrolet started showing a concept car at the miscellaneous Auto Shows that was said to be a "one of a kind" car developed for "The Intimidator" himself, Dale Earnhardt.  With a whole new look to some of the familiar features of the 5th Generation Monte Carlo, some wondered if this was a glimpse of what GM might be trying to work into the "next generation" of Monte Carlos, then scheduled for a late '99 Model Year entrance as 2000 Models.  

The public reaction was mixed, but largely favorable enough that much of what is seen above became the basis for the 6th Generation Monte.  Many feel the "outward flare" of the "swoosh" body creasings should have been retained, versus the more "inward" creases that the 6th Gen Monte received.  Some people say the headlights look like Chevy Bowties.  Some say the bump in the trunk makes it look like it's got a "continental kit".  Say what you may, they're a very unique car.

MVC-443S.JPG (43706 bytes)
The transition

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2000 "Pace Car"  (1 of 2000?)

The 2000 "Pace Car" Monte Carlo had special decals on the side, a "taz" decal in the Monte Carlo SS lettering on the side and rear, ground effects, special 5 spoke wheels and a "NASCAR style" blade spoiler.  There were also some added interior color co-ordination, and I believe a higher rated speedometer.   All 2000 "Pace Cars" were red with silver accents.

MVC-564S.JPG (46924 bytes)
Rear view of 2000 "Pace Car"


  MVC-704S.JPG (139045 bytes)

2000/2001 Monte Carlo LS "SAP"

Late 2000 model year, and some early 2001 non-LS Monte Carlo's got a "Sport Appearance Package".

This consisted mostly of wheels from the 2000 Impalla, and the "blade" rear spoiler.  They did not get the driving lights that the SS's have, instead staying with the "vents" filler panel.

"Vents" filler panel from '00/'01 LS


MVC-553S.JPG (41092 bytes)

2001 Monte Carlo SS High Sport

MVC-554S.JPG (32409 bytes)  MVC-556S.JPG (40454 bytes)

The 2001 High Sport's got the same wheels the 2000 "Pace Car" had, and a speedometer that designates it as a "Limited Edition".  The SS/HS also got ground effects (different than the 2000 "Pace Car") and the blade rear spoiler.


01BPACE3.JPG (60508 bytes)

2001 "Pace Car"  (1 of 200?)

The 2001 Monte Carlo SS "Pace Car" is reported to be much more rare than the 2000 "Pace Car".  I've read two different numbers, but both limit the production run to only a couple hundred.  For '01 the ONLY color available is black with silver accents.  The car pictured here was photographed at the 2000 Brickyard 400, in August of '00.  I've only seen one since then at a dealership in Illinois that had some pretty good pull within Chevrolet (former supplier of a majority of IL's police Caprices)

01BPACE1.JPG (73015 bytes)
Rear and side shot of '01 "Pace Car"

01BPACE5.JPG (72937 bytes)
Door shot of '01 Indy "Pace Car"

01BPACE7.JPG (52161 bytes)
Rear shot of '01 Indy "Pace Car"

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