Generation 5: 1995-1999

1996 Monte Carlo Z-34

1990 Lumina side view.
This is the forerunner of what became the 5th generation Monte

1993 Lumina Z34. This is the high performance model of the Celebrity offspring.

1995 Lumina rear view

1998 Lumina LTZ front view
These Luminas are shown to illustrate the lineage of the 5th gen Monte Carlo.

1998 front view

1998 rear view

This version traces its heritage back to the Chevrolet Celebrity turned Chevrolet Lumina, NOT the original Monte Carlos. The book Chevrolet: The Complete History_ (copyright 1996 by Publications International, Ltd.) notes on page 348: "With the new Lumina coupe and sedan effectively replacing their Celebrity counterparts...." Furthermore, the Lumina shared almost nothing with the Monte Carlo; yet, shared types (i.e. Eurosport), dashboards (generally "flat"), taillights (square/across the back) and front-wheel drive with the Celebrity/Lumina.

In addition, the 1995-99 model lacks the Monte Carlo emblem (knights head/shield crest), script lettering (Celebrity/Lumina block lettering carried over) and the body side lines of previous generations. Lastly, if the 2-door 1995-99 version is a Monte Carlo, then the 4-door Lumina is a Monte Carlo as well; not enough differences between the 2 cars exist to warrant different nameplates. Unlike the former Chevrolet Beretta/Corsica tandem which are distinguishable at any angle from a distance, one is hard-pressed to distinguish a "monte carlo" from a Lumina from the front or rear at a distance.

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