Generation 2: 1973-1977

With the second generation came a vehicle aimed at a broader market. It was restyled in 1973 and contiued with subtle yearly changes until the end of the 1977 model year. During this period, the Monte Carlo shared many design characteristics with the Chevelle, the other A-body model in Chevrolet's lineup.

The big block motors were available for the first three years of this generation, but following the oil embargo of 1974, the 402s and 454s were replaced with smaller motors as fuel economy replaced performance as an important factor to be considered when buying a new car. So the 305 motor was introduced in 1976 and the Monte Carlo's emphasis shifted from a "powerful personal car" to a "luxury touring car." This trend continued through the third generation and into the fourth until the Super Sport package was revived in 1983.