The Chevy Asylum:   LSR 2008  Top 1 Oil Streamliner Shootout  Sep 22-26, 2008
Mike Akatiff's
Ack Attack

Ohio State University's
Buckeye Bullet 2

Burkland Family

Sam Wheeler's
E-Z Hook

Team Kuryakyn
Leo Hess

Mormon Missile
Diesel Streamliner

Nish Motorsports
Streamliner "Frankenstein"

Team Speed Demon
(Poteet & Main)

Odds n' Ends

While I was at the World of Speed LSR event on the salt flats, I asked the Jon Wennerberg, who's the owner of if he wanted a photographer for the event.  At that time, it was an "invitation only" was later opened to the public, but nobody knew that at the time.  Jon was able to get me an invitation and I showed up to do the photo coverage.  It sorta got outta hand.  A couple of teams asked me to chronicle their efforts and the entire thing became a "live-and-direct forumcast" as Jon, his wife Nancy and I shot photos and posted coverage of what was happening at the meet.  You could say that it was sorta hectic.  And you'd be right.  But I can't complain about boredom during the meet and for weeks afterward.

I brought back literally thousands of photographs (somewhere between 8 and 10 thousand) and I've tried to create a photo essay that shows each team's efforts to break land speed records.  I hope to add text to make this as complete as possible.  It's going to take some time, so I'm going to start with the photos and add the text when I can.

The groups of photographs are listed in no particular order, although I've tried to break each team's story up into logical parts.  Some sections are pretty big, while others don't have much content, but that's based on the amount of activity I witnessed from the various teams.  This is intended to be a presentation of what I saw and experienced, not a comprehensive documentary, although I'll try to add as much information as I can.  I hope this can convey some sense of what I saw through the lens of my camera and what I experienced by being there.

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