What is the El Camino Mailing List?
The El Camino Mailing List is an internet list server. It is intended for owners or enthusiasts of 59-88 Chevrolet El Caminos. Any email message sent to elky@freelists.org is sent to all members of the list.

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See above.  If all else fails, you can send some e-mail to the guy who's handling the membership details.

Off-topic posts
Off-topic posts are OK (within reason...and the list administrator will be the judge of that.)  Please be courteous and put "non - " in your subject line if the post is off-topic.   We're a pretty loose-knit group, so we don't have a problem with a few off-topic threads.

About political correctness
This list is not politically correct or "family safe".   We are a bunch of car nuts, not etiquette teachers. But we're still friends and treat one another accordingly. If you have a problem with that, this list is not for you.

Note: The list administrator will NOT allow gross or explicit material to be posted.

Personal attacks or flames of other users on the list are not allowed.  If you have a problem with something someone said, did or posted, take it off list.

Advertising or commercial use
Joining this list specifically to sell your car is not allowed.  We already have them.  Try e-bay or AutoTrader instead.   List members may offer items for sale to other members.  This is fine.   But we don't want people joining just to advertise.  That will result in removal from the list.

Who's the boss?
The list administrator is boss.  His decisions are final.  If that's a problem, you can start your own list.

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