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Fifth Generation: 1978-1988 (part 1)

This was the final (so far) incarnation of the El Camino. Starting out as an A-body designation and ending up as a G-body (although basically unchanged), this was the first year that a V6 motor was available, in the Chevy 229 and Buick 231 form, although an inline 6 had been available all along. A 305 V8 was also available. This generation of Elky shares parts with the Malibu and Monte Carlos of the comparable years. The reason given for the discontinuation of the El Camino was the increase in truck sales, but after 1988 there were virtually no full-frame, front-engine, rear-drive platforms to choose from that could serve as the basis for another generation of El Caminos.


In 1978, a reduced size El Camino had the biggest changes since 1964. It had a longer 117.1-inch wheelbase, but overall length was reduced by nearly a foot. The SS option was still available and a new Royal Knight package was introduced.

Mike Huber

This 78 Elky has an 83 front end, Lauren engineering ground effects, a Hi-Po 383/TH350, JVC CD,12 Disc CD Changer, Custom console, 4 Phoenix Gold amps, 3 Optima batteries and 27 speakers !!!!!! It has a ghost flame paint job and the door handles have been shaved inside and out. The doors open by remote control from the outside and pushbutton on the inside. A vinyl top has just been added along with power windows, door locks and an alarm system all operated by remote control.
This Elky is good advertising for Mike's stereo shop in Carlsbad NM.

Ralph Templin

Rob Dalton

Jim Ring

This is not a factory Elky SS. It uses the nose, hood, fenders and doors from a mid-80s Monte SS.
According to the owner, there was "only a little bit of custom fitting" required.

[ed note: the nose of a Monte Carlo SS is 1.75 inches wider than the El Camino. So it's NOT a bolt-on swap]

1978 Sales: 54286


Ernie Gugliemo

It has an ECM, 355 TBI, TH400, truck speedo and gauge cluster, and a 60/40 bench seat.
It's his daily driver and the speedo reads 193K.

Owner unknown

Klaus Schaack (Luxembourg)

Klaus' Elky has a 330 hp 350 motor in it, along with many custom features.
As you can see, he enjoys "warming up the tires."

GMC Diablo Brian Massie

Brian races this Diablo in SCCA ESP (E Street Prepared) and it's totally street and smog legal.
Engine- GM crate LM1 350, with a few bolt-ons taking it to 270 hp, dual exaust with headers and Corvette converter.
Click here to e-mail Brian for more info.

1979 Sales: 58008



ChevyAsylum's Elky has a 400 smallblock with a TH350 trans, a Monte Carlo dash and
85 Camaro bucket seats. It also has a Choo Choo Customs SS nose, a fiberglass cowl hood and tonneau cover with spoiler.
It finally got its Torch red paint job and the 3.73 posi. Now it needs dropped spindles and larger brakes in front, a digital dash and any other goodies that happen to come along (including a TH200-4R trans that's just waiting to be installed.)

GMC Diablo Kevin George

Jerry Ilkner

Owner unknown

1980 Sales: 40932


Owner: Heather Stayer

Robert Mayer (Switzerland)

Wayne Bauer

Ian Ellis (Auckland, New Zealand)

Note: Ian no longer owns this Elky, so if you're in NZ, keep your eyes open to pick this one up.

1981 Sales: 36711


Note to whoever keeps linking to the image on my site: DON'T DO IT! The David Fisher image has now been removed from my server.

Owner unknown

1982 Sales: 22732


Chad Mills

Owner unknown

Owner unknown

1983 Owner: Harald Weldon

1983 Sales: 24010

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