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Third Generation. 1968-1972

This generation was still built on the popular Chevelle platform and shared the new styling. In 1968 the El Camino SS was available with a 396 cubic inch motor in 325 and 350 hp versions. This big block phenomenon continued until 1970, when the new 454 V8 (360 hp) was available for only a $514 option cost. The ultimate option for 1970 was an LS-6 454 big block with 11.25:1 compression, special camshaft and solid lifters boasting 450 hp. The price for this option? $783. This version of the Elky was tested by Hot Rod magazine and turned a 13.44 quarter-mile at 108 mph.


In 1968, the Elky got a big styling change. It had a "flying buttress" roof and the wheelbase was one inch longer. The overall length grew by 10 inches, and the bed size was increased. The SS-396 option included a blacked-out grill, SS emblems, a bulging hood, larger Wide-Oval tires and the lower body was given the blackout treatment.

Chad Landry

1968 Ad Picture

1968 Pontiac Tempest Truck Prototype

1968 Sales: 41791


The Elky's appearance was slightly altered in 1969. The SS-396 got front disk brakes and red striped tires. The list price for the six-cylinder model was $2,552.00 and the V-8 powered Custom listed for $2,723.00.

1969: Owner: Craig Vanderpool

(note: Acording to the owner, the front end on this example is not 100% accurate for a 69 model)

1969 Ad Picture

1969 Sales: 48385


In 1970, the front end was blunted somewhat and the headlamps were enclosed in square bezels. The SS-396 was still available, although the engine was actually a 402 big-block. A new SS-454 debuted at mid-model year.

1970: Chevy Promotional Ad Drawing

1970 Owner: Betsy Yung

1970 Owner: "Tulsa Town"

1970 Owner: Lars Thorngren (Sweden)

1970 Sales: 47707


1971 saw the headlights changed to single Power-Beams and the grill resembled an ice-cube tray. The El Camino SS was available with 350, 396 and 454 motors.

1971: Owner: Jon ?

1971 Sales: 47606


1972's sales increased by 10,000 over the previous year's and the styling was only slightly changed.

1972: Owner Unknown

1972 Sales: 57147

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