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El Camino Road

(Yeah, I know it's redundant as hell...but it's a real sign in Las Vegas, NV)

ChevyAsylum's 80 El Camino with 400 smallblock, SS nose and Monte Carlo (sorta) interior...and brand-new torch red paint!

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

1st Generation (59-60)
2nd Generation (64-67)
3rd Generation (68-72)
4th Generation (73-77)
5th Generation Part 1 (78-83)
5th Generation Part 2 (84-88)
The New Elky?

Click here for links to El Camino PARTS vendors

How much is your El Camino worth? Check here:

VMR Auto Guides

Note: 59 and 60 El Caminos are listed as Chevy Trucks, Type 1100....but they ARE there.

Disclaimer 1: I am not an appraiser, nor am I able to guess what vehicles are worth. This is the reason for the above link. Please visit their site or compare with other vehicles for sale to determine values.

Disclaimer 2: I do not sell parts, nor am I aware of what vendors keep in their inventory. The vendors that I have listed on my Vendors page are the ones I have used or have been referred to. If I knew of other sources, I would put them on that page.

Disclaimer 3: I am not a car dealer. This means that I do not buy and sell El Caminos, nor do I know of a buyer for your car. If you have a car for sale, I cannot help you. I suggest that you try your local paper, AutoTrader or e-bay.

The El Camino Mailing List at

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