The Chevy Asylum  Projects:  The beater, 1988 Camaro RS  

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I found that I needed a spare car when I lost the serpentine belt (and a whole lot more) in my 95 Burb.  So I bought this Camaro.  An RS model with 2.8L V6 and a T-5 5-speed manual transmission.  Poof!  Instant economy car.  It needs a bit of work (and a title) but I'm making progress.

A word of warning: if you ever find a car sold by Brent Clark (fire fighter in Lyman, Wyoming) or Tom Clark (Chief of police in the same town) run like hell. Brent Clark misrepresented the car via phone and email.  That's a federal offense (wire fraud involving interstate commerce.)  I had to jump thru all sorts of hoops to get a Utah title issued...but now (for better or for worse) it's registered in my name.

12/12/12:  The Beater served its purpose and has gone to Camaro heaven.  I traded it in on the 2010 Camaro RS/SS II.  I can't say that I miss it a lot.

The beater. Some candid shots.
Making it useable.
More repairs and functionality work.

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