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The Little Camaro was my wife's winter beater for a while.

Here it sits in our driveway just as we were getting ready to sell it.
About the Little Camaro: We originally bought it as a parts donor for the Z-28, but it was so nice my wife wanted it for herself. The previous owner had tried to crush a very large rock with the oil pan. The rock won and the oil pan lost.
She (the teenaged owner), then drove it home, dripping oil all the least 'til it went dry.
Her father decided the engine was siezed and sold it to us for $900. I repaired the oil pan, put in new spark plugs and oil and drove it while the 87 Monte Carlo spent the winter in the garage.

I think there's a little V6 motor under all that plumbing. This is why we have a beater: (June 26, 1998)
The lady driving the Saturn (with a large package in the passenger seat) made a left turn directly in front of Gayle, who couldn't stop quickly enough to avoid the accident.
Better to have this happen to the beater than to one of the Montes.

You can see the package blocking the driver's view in the passenger seat.

My wife points out the damage to the front bumper cover. It could have been a lot worse.

We wonder why we're standing in the middle of the street.
Luckily no one was hurt and she was able to drive the car away.

We're beginning to repair the damage from the accident.

She's masking away like crazy.

There. Doesn't that look better?

Well, we sold the Little Camaro in August 1998. We ended up making a few bucks on it, but the proceeds went to into the 79 Z-28 so that she could have a hot rod, too.

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