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A new interior color and headliner

The headliner decided to come off after a couple of fast passes at the dragstrip. (Really!)
So I pulled the interior trim piecs out and then took the headliner shell out.
The old foam was about half crumbled and I used a wire wheel to (gently) remove the remnants.

It took a while to get it all off. If you're gonna do this, be careful because the shell is made of styrofoam and pretty delicate.

I couldn't find a supplier for the headliner material (and I sure tried) so I ordered the material for a second generation Camaro. It's very close to the original Elky stuff.
I finished cleaning up the shell with 100 grit sandpaper and then lay it and the new foam-backed material out to be sprayed with 3M Spray Adhesive 90.

Then I jammed the glued surfaces together like a jelly sandwich and smoothed it out.
I was surprised how nicely the material follwed the contours of the shell.

I flipped the whole thing over and trimmed it, leaving about 2 inches (mostly) extra.

I used duct tape (the Handyman's Secret Weapon) to secure the excess to the backside of the shell.

The headliner and shell are going back in. I'm fitting it to the rear moulding and have the dome light in.

While the headliner was out, I'd painted the trim pieces. They were maroon. I think they look better in black.

Here's the "A" pillar. The sunvisors aren't back in yet.

Speaking of sunvisors, they were in pretty rough shape.

So I put on my Betsy Ross hat, grabbed a needle and thread and began to sew. (I learned a bit of sewing when I was young so I could "peg" my blue jeans. Mama refused to do it, so I done it mahse'f.)

They turned out fine. Just the wrong color.

So I painted 'em with Duplicolor Vinyl and Fabric dye.

The dashboard was next, so I started masking off the stuff I didn't want to paint. (Duh!)

Then I scrubbed it all with lacquer thinner.

And sprayed it with the same Duplicolor Vinyl and Fabric dye I used on the visors and trim pieces.

Looks a lot nicer. Now it needs a dashmat.

Voila! A dashmat. Better, huh?

Then I replaced the Chevelle swivel buckets with buckets from an 86 Z-28.

They're covered in silver gray velour.

And the door panels and all the other trim got painted black.
While I had the door panels off, I painted the insides and bottoms of the door with POR-15, since a little rust was starting.

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