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The Cowl Induction Hood

Here's why I wanted to get a new hood. The old one had rusted clear through and the top of the metal was flapping in the breeze. Besides that, it looked like hell.
So I ordered one from Unlimited Products. I ordered a 2 1/2 inch cowl induction hood with pin-type latching.
I got in on a group purchase through the Nova mailing list (they were kind enough to let the Elky pretend it was a Nova.)

It arrived via truck line and I had to go pick it up at the loading dock. It's home and ready to start the install.

I got it out of the box and only lost flesh on 2 fingers from the staples. It's on the driveway jusy itchin' to get into place.

This is the underside. Not quite as well finished as the top.

These are the low-strength springs to be used with the lighter hood.

After removing the hood, I took the old springs off. I had thought they'd be pretty difficult to change, but using a pair of waterpump pliers, I had them off and the new ones on in about 30 seconds per side.

Well, it's on. Now to fit it and install the pins.

I had to remove the hood latch mechanism to provide clearance for the underside of the hood. Great. Another place to clean.

Here's one of the pins bolted to the radiator support. There were already holes in the support. All I had to drill was the holes thru the hood.

Well, I got it done just as dark fell. The pins installed pretty easily and just required a little adjustment.

A closeup of one of the hood pins. Looks like a real race car, don't it?
Initially I was pleased with the hood, but I found that the low tension springs bowed the sides up and the center of the cowl sagged.
I wouldn't recommend the UP product to anyone looking for a cowl hood.

Just a suggestion. Check the clearance of the wipers against the rear edge of the hood before you get caught in a rainstorm.
It was lotsa fun driving around with the wipers caught under the edge of the hood. So I trimmed about an inch off of the edge and it clears fine now.

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