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Dr. Gas Exhaust

This is the X-pipe crossover being fitted into place. It's a 3 x 2 1/2 inch unit.
The 3 inch tube is used to connect from the Dynomax headers to the crossover.
The Dr. Gas people strongly recommend against stepping down in diameter before the crossover.

The transmission crossmember had to be notched on the driver's side to clear the exhaust tube.

The 2 1/2 inch tailpipes have been fitted. You can see how the entire sytem runs down the center of the car.

Looking rearward, the mufflers are visible. We used 14 inch "Cherry Bomb" turbo mufflers.
These were selected because I already HAD them. :)

And forward. The mufflers are 2 1/2 inch in and out.
You can see almost the entire system in this picture.

I chose to have 3 inch angle tips positioned similar to the Monte Carlo SS type of exhaust. These tips cause some resonance and increase in sound level.

The sound produced by this system is hard to describe. It has a quiet idle, a throaty roar at part throttle and it SCREAMS at WOT. It has a higher pitched sound than what I am used to hearing in a V8, but not high enough to be confused with a 6 or smaller motor.

Gayle probably had the best description when she said, "It sounds like a race car." I liked that.

Note: After a few months, the exhaust has become VERY loud, with quite a resonance. I'm considering adding Dynomax Bullets to the tailpipes or replacing the mufflers with something guieter.
Note: over 9 years later, those Cherry Bomb mufflers are still on there (11/04/2008)

[ speaker gif ]
Click to hear a wav file of the Dr. Gas exhaust

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Click here to visit the Dr. Gas website

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