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Starting the build-up of the 400 smallblock

Here's the motor coming out of the Chevelle

Just about "outta there".

On the stand ready to begin the rebuild.

Ray's about to start disassembly.

If he gets the heads off in a hurry, he can have 'em back in 2 days.

An impact wrench sure helps yank the bearing caps.

"I think I lost one of my nuts."

The pistons are going back in with new helps to put ALL the rings on ALL the pistons... that way you don't have NEARLY as many left-over parts.

The oilpan's all painted up and ready to go back on.

Ray's painting parts with POR-15 so fast that the brush just seems like a blur.

Here's the short block cleaned and painted.

The old cam had 2 flat lobes so a new Summit street cam is being installed.

Here's the new double row timing chain to replace the s-t-r-e-t-c-h-e-d old one.

Torquing down the heads. (Sounds like a song by the Talking Heads)

These two studs with stripped threads kinda spoiled the day. So we started pulling the V6 motor out of the Elky.

Well, we got the studs replaced and most of the accessories on.
It almost looks like a real motor.

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