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The Original Motor

Here it is...somewhere in that mess.

Yep, it's a mess. I pulled the plugs and found rust on several of the tips. Sounds like a BAD situation. We'll see what we find as we dig into it.

Doesn't look much better from this side, does it?

After I'd removed the front sheet metal, it was ready to open up and see what's inside. Looks pretty yucky.

Here's the odd bank head (driver's side.) Three out of the 4 chambers were rusted.

Driver's side of the block. Doesn't look a lot better this way. The motor's still siezed and I'm not sure if it's the crank or just rust on the cylinder walls. Then, I wonder where the water came from. Cracked block? Warped heads? I can't see any cracks on the heads and the head gaskets don't look blown.

Here's the even bank head. Gee, I must have gotten lucky...only 2 chambers full of rust on this side.

And the block from the passenger side. The white stuff in the number 6 (and a little in the number 4) cylinder seems to be some sort of ash. From burning anti-freeze maybe?
I think it may be time for an organ donor motor. This one seems pretty sick, although we'll know more when the whole thing comes out and the bottom end gets opened up.

It's chained up and ready to yank outa there.

'Come on out, dammit! Don't fight me!'

Oops. Maybe I better disconnect the tranmission detent cable.

Ok...the oil pan is off and the main bearing caps are off.
Boy, does it smell awful in there...just like a burned up motor.

Here are the front main bearing journals. A little worn, but not burned.
Let's check some more.

Well, the center and rear journals don't look too bad, either.

After wrestling with the rod bearing caps for a couple of days and trying to free up the pistons, I came to the conclusion that the motor had seized and then water ran into the intake manifold somehow.
I decided to call it quits and move on to the interim motor so I could get moving on the rest of the project.

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