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Here's the Wildebeest. My wife (who hated the thing) named it. I dunno if it's an Organ Donor or a project car. It's pretty rough.

We bought it from a lady who wanted to get it away from her husband who's suffering from Alzheimer's.
I wonder if you can catch diseases from cars. Oh well, A 350 cubic inch small block and TH350 trans for $200 isn't bad.

Yep, it's a 350 with a quadrajet.

The interior's not too bad. It even has swivel buckets. Now if that damned seat belt alarm wouldn't go off every time the trans went into gear...

I think the previous owner tried to use each corner of this thing as a battering ram.

See? Here's the other side that's in the same shape.

There. It looks much better with a coat of primer.

Well, the Wildebeast has a new owner. And a new name, "The Beast."

In this picture the old (literally and figuratively) and new owners shake on the deal.

Marcus and Monica are ready to take their baby to Arizona.

(Sept 2000) Here's the great big 454 motor that Marcus dropped in it. What a killer!

Although you can hardly see the 3 inch exhaust, it probably sounds great. The license plate says it all.

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