The Chevy Asylum  Projects:  Burb II, 1999 Chevy Suburban  
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My 95 Burb died from pickling in salt water.  So I traded it in on this 99.  It's a 4wd LT with a 350 TBI motor.  There are some changes in store: new stereo, dashmat, seat covers (suede-like material), rear view camera and reflective insulating material on the rear windows.  I kept the shift box and electric fan from the 95.  I don't know if I'm gonna install 'em or not.  I also have a keyless entry/remote start unit that I might install.  Just to give me something to do.

Part 1: Some candid shots.
Part 2.  I can't leave nothin stock.
Part 3.  Workin' for a livin'.

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